the fastest way
to make micro-desicions

wise collective decisions

hear and choose all alternatives. not only “yes”, “no” or abstain":

  • paint fence in red;
  • paint fence in blue;
  • remove fence and make bicycle parking.

fun rated lists

create rated lists for fun. choose cocktails for your next party:

  • cosmopolitan;
  • sex on the beach;
  • long island iced tea.

easy meeting schedule

choose meeting time, place and activity in one poll:

  • play football on saturday morning;
  • make a barbecue on saturday morning;
  • drink beer at bar on friday evening.

science magic inside

glagoly simple to use, but backed by voting science:

  • schulze method for ranking votes;
  • robson rotation to eliminate “donkey voting”.

free as in speech

glagoly is free software. run for any purpose, study, change, and distribute it.

make decision in less then 5 minutes